You'll never dream alone! That's what we call fantasy: sharing your dreams with others. We do that on our events which can't be called events anymore. They actually developed into a fantasy country where everybody can bring his or her dreams to life. With respect for each other. A fantasy country with a royal ruler, chosen by the visitors; with a flag and a national anthem:

These are Elfian days
Built on all the challenges we faced
Let us dream of one
Let us sing of one
Together we proclaim
Oh El-fi-a
Let us defend what we achieved
Land of fantasy, and everything we can create
in Elfia we will stay!

Every year there are two events that take place: One in April in castle de Haar, Haarzuilens (NL) also called the 'light' edition or 'spring' edition; and one in castlegardens Arcen, Arcen (NL) also known as the 'dark' edition or 'autumn' edition.