20 September: Royal Debate & Elections

Elfia needs you! Elfia needs you to vote. Who will be the best successor to the throne? 

Minerva, Maximus and prince Toby? Or Ezekiel Barentszn & FairyIna Barentszn?

Watch the Royal Debate on Saturday 20 September at 11:30 hour at the Elfo Stage and cast your vote. The future of Elfia is in your hands!


Candidate 1

Maximus, Minerva and prince Toby

Toby the Murgel wants to rule Elfia. Just like supports his many followers every day, he also wants to portrait his positivity in Elfia. Maximus and Minerva are inheritants of the forest, they represent the preservation of the for them so precious nature. So you also want a positive, green and healthy Elfia? Vote for Maximus, Minerva and Prince Toby.  Watch the promo clip with some guest appearances of ex-kings and queens of Elfia.

 poster Minerva

Candidate 2

Ezekiel Barentszn and  FairyIna Barentszn

During one of the many repairs at the Apparatus Machinicus a vortex or opening in dimensions formed itself. And because of that Sir Ezekiel Barentszn and Lady FairyIna Barentszn started a dimensional journey. When recovered they noticed a world full of wonders, with elfs, dragons and strange nations. Thanks to FairyIna and her science of natural creations they soon figured out that this was the Kingdom of Elfia. During the exploring they've met the King and Queen, who told them that the current technique was causing a lot of problems. And let that be Ezekiels specialty! Thanks to a few ingenious inventions the knew how to make pure and save drinking water for everyone and because of that reason they where asked to take over the Throne. Sir Ezekiel asked FairyIna to take care of a safe world for every creation of nature and thanks to Apparatus they knew how to get timetravellers into this world. “We will always try to make sure that everyone is being treated with respect and that pure water will be available everywhere”

 Poster Ezekiel