General Terms

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1. Introduction

Not only does the castle have a monumental status, but together with the park and gardens it also stands under the protection of the Dutch Nature Monuments. It is a beautiful setting for events with many opportunities, but also with a lot of challenges. Part of this challenge is especially the vulnerability of the flora, fauna (e.g. bats) and buildings. This problem is mainly caused by the small, curved en often old paths, the gates and bridges and the challenges in ‘time and space’ (construction and deconstruction) by tourism, mainly in the high season. 


With this in mind we would like to point out the most important rules, to prevent as much damage as possible:

1.1Because of the official monument status of the park and gardens it is strictly forbidden to do any digging on the premises.

1.2Traffic (cars, lorries, trucks and others, but bicycles as well) will remain on the paved roads at all times.

1.3Flora in park and gardens may under no circumstances be removed or damaged. 

1.4All temporary structures (tents, stands, terraces), but also heavier objects (such as cars) that are exhibited or sold, need to have an underground (such as wooden floors or wood chips on cloth) at all times to protect the actual surface.



2. Preventing damage

2.1Like mentioned in the introduction; the grounds are vulnerable and the estate has the status of a monument. Damage must be prevented. 

2.2All kinds of traffic – from trucks, lorries and combinations thereof, but also bicycles – must remain on the paved roads at all times. Should it be necessary that goods must be unloaded over the grass areas, then plates or sheets of steel must be laid over the grass to prevent damage.  

2.3All temporary construction (tents, market stalls, driven assemblies, terraces, cars etc.) that are placed on unpaved terrain, must have a protective foundation for the ground. The same applies to a plot of grass which is expected to be walked on a lot (e.g. when it is expected that a plot is probably a natural connection path that might lead to a catering tent) .

2.4In case of established damage, the paid deposit can be deducted.



3. Rolling stock on the grounds 

3.1Lorry/truck combinations with a trailer are only allowed to enter the grounds through the main gate (provided that they fit through the main gate) and gate B/C. When necessary goods must be unloaded at the gate and from that point transported with smaller stock. 

3.2Drive on the grounds in step and with the utmost care. 

3.3Like mentioned, do not stray from the paved roads/paths.

3.4If it is ascertained that driving occurred outside the roads/paths, there will be a fine of 100 euros for each ascertained transgression (we will write down license plate numbers), which will be charged to the relevant offender.

3.5During the event days cars are not allowed on the event grounds. With the exception of the build off on Sunday night, when cars are permitted to get onto the terrain in phases through time blocks. 

3.6Only during the build up and build off cars are permitted to enter the grounds and then only during time blocks of 90 minutes each. 



4. Furnishing of the event in the park and gardens

4.1Tents and other temporary objects must not be placed or rested on trees, bushes/shrubs or on root structures. 



5. Drive-to routes emergency services

5.1There are two main drive-to routes for the emergency services in the park and gardens. Entrances for the emergency services are at the gate at the “Zuilenlaan” and at the main entrance at the ‘Kasteellaan’.  



6. Applications and payment for the stand location

6.1By filling out the online application form and agreeing to the General Guidelines Exhibitors, the applicant declares agreeing to the General Guidelines concerning participation in Elfia. 

6.2There are no rights reserved on the application concerning the determination of the stand room. The organisation can at all times, in extraordinary cases decide; not consider an application, determine less stand room than applied for, or decide to change already determined stand spaces or withdraw granted determination without the applicant being able to make a claim for compensation of losses. In case it is not the exhibitors fault, then in that last situation the exhibitors fee will be given back.    

6.3         The on the application form requested information must be entirely listed. 

6.4The organisers have, without being obligated to compensate damage or loss, the right to; deny access, refuse or immediately remove goods and services not listed on the application form from Elfia. 

6.5Participating in Elfia is only possible when the entire bill for the stand has been paid in advance. 

Conditions for payment when participating on ONLY Haarzuilens 2014

After applying for a stand location you will receive an invoice of 50% of the total sum and an invoice for the remaining exhibitors payment. Mind: your reservation for a stand space is final when you have paid the invoice of 50% - within three weeks and before March 1st 2014. Your participation is final when you have paid the rest of the invoice before March 10th 2014. When the invoice of 50% is paid too late, then the reservation expires. When the rest of the invoice is paid too late, then the reservation expires as well and the 50% already paid will not be refunded.     


Conditions for payment when participating on Haarzuilens AND Arcen 2014

After applying for a stand location you will receive an invoice of 50% of the total sum and an invoice for the remaining exhibitors payment, the accessories and 50%  first payment for Arcen, a deposit will not be charged. Mind: your reservation for a stand space is final when you have paid the invoice of 50% - within three weeks and before March 1st 2014. Your participation is final when you have paid the total second invoice before March 10th 2014. This way your first payment will be your first payment for Arcen, for Arcen also no deposit is required. When the first  invoice of 50% is paid too late, then the reservation expires. When the second invoice is paid too late, then the reservation expires as well and the 50% already paid will not be refunded.    


6.6The height of the invoice is dependant of the type of stand and the location of the stand on the event grounds.

6.7When taking part in only one of the Elfias 2014 as exhibitor, a deposit of € 100,-  will be charged in advance. This deposit will be remitted by the organisation after the event, when the exhibitor has been keeping himself to: 

the general guidelines, including the clean delivering of the stand space.

the trash has been handed over at a garbage point.

one hasn’t made any damage to the grounds with vehicles.

one has been keeping to the permitted times on the grounds.

6.8Damage caused by the exhibitor to the terrain, grounds or goods will be deducted from your deposit, By damage higher than the deposit amount you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount, which needs to be paid within three weeks after receiving the invoice.



7.1The organisation at all times reserves the right to change the date of Elfia or cancel Elfia, due to extraordinary circumstances or superior forces, without the participant being able  to claim compensation for any kind of losses. In the event that the date is changed, it is expected of the applicant to have paid his bill and to participate in the event on the new set date, under the same conditions as previously agreed upon. Meant by superior forces or extraordinary circumstances are circumstances or external influences which make it impossible for the event to take place. Such circumstances or influences include: 

A prohibition on public events, decreed by governments

Terrorist attacks or threats

Nature disasters or extreme weather conditions

Breakout of epidemics and infectious diseases

7.2.An application can not one-sidedly be withdrawn or changed by the participant. 

7.3The organisation may grant the request to cancel the registration. Up to 6days before the event we return 100% of the basic rent fee; in the period of 60 to 30 days before the event 50% of the rent fee will be returned. Cancellation within 30 Days before the event forfeits all rights for a return of the rent fee.



8. Renting a stand

8.1The use of the stand space is personal and restricted for the duration of the event.  

8.2Sub lending to or the use of a stand by third parties is strictly prohibited unless this has been consented by the organisation to in writing or through an e-mail.  

8.3The organisation allocates the stand spaces. 

8.4Exhibitors have, for the construction of their stand, the allocated area at their disposal on the determined time (which will be made known to the exhibitors prior to the event). 

8.5On Monday (at Haarzuilens on Tuesday) after the event, by 12.00hrs/12 pm, at the latest, must the stand be empty to be handed over.  

8.6During the opening hours for the visitors of Elfia there are no vehicles allowed on the premises. 

8.7For each exhibitor participant permits or wristbands will be handed out yet only for persons who ought to be present in the stand during Elfia. In case of misuse, the permits and wristbands will be seized. The final ordering date for extra wrist bands is 1 March 2014. After this date extra entrance tickets can only be purchased in advance via the ticket sales website (via  HYPERLINK "" or at the box offices during the event. 

8.8 The offering of goods for sale will take place only in accordance with the guidelines set by  Elfia.  

8.9Present dangerous and harmful substances are prohibited. 

8.10The participant is bound to any directions given by the organisation, concerning the stand, the stand area, the use of the stand and the furnishing of the stand. These directions must be instantly and entirely followed.    

8.11In case the exhibitor doesn’t complete the deconstruction within the set days and hours, then it will be carried out by the organisation, any costs will be charged to the exhibitor. 

8.12Presenting of advertisement and information material can only happen from within the stand itself. 



9. Extensions 

9.1Extensions to the stand (for instance card mills or (clothing) racks, etc.), placed outside the area agreed upon in the contract, is not allowed.  

9.2Extensions which are ascertained before the opening for the visitors must be removed instantly.   

9.3Extensions that are not removed in time or which are ascertained during the visitors opening will later be charged with € 70,00 for each square metre of extension.   





10. Liability

10.1Goods that are on the Elfia grounds or on accompanying grounds are the responsibility and the risk of the participant. The organisation does not charge itself with the insurance thereof. 

10.2The organisation is not liable for damage or loss of any kind, for any reason suffered by people or goods, while participating or related to participating in Elfia. 

10.3The organisation is not liable for damages or losses of third parties, caused by the exhibitor or his staff using the stand. The exhibitor safeguards the organisation against of any kind of demands of third parties.  

10.4The organisation is not responsible for heft or missing of goods. The organisation has the duty of effort to secure the terrain with security, but is free from any claims for theft, loss or damage. 

10.5 The participant is liable and is required to be insured for all kinds of damage, loss or hurt caused by infliction or negligence of his own or his staff or his exhibited goods. Should in any way goods of visitors, exhibitors and/or persons working for or in order by the organisation be damaged, lost or hurt because of this. Caused damages can be charged to the exhibitor by the organisation, see point 6.7 and 6.8 for more information.

10.6The organisation prohibits the use of private aggregates, due to possible noise hinder to visitors and other participants.   

10.7STELF pte ltd will make image recordings before, during and after Elfia on image recorders. There are no rights attached to this and STELF pte ltd may use these images for any kind of commercial or non-commercial purposes.    

10.8The exhibitor is required before, during and after the event, to follow the instructions given by or in name of the organisation, the commune Utrecht, the Fire Department, staff of Castle de Haar and other authorities; concerning the construction, furnishing, safety, maintenance and deconstruction of the rented stand.   

10.9The exhibitor obliges himself to selling no products or services whatsoever that are in violation with regulations of the Dutch Fundamental Law, for instance the displaying of t-shirts with discriminating prints. The exhibitor also obligates himself to sell no products or services with (extremely) left or (extremely) right political dispositions.  

10.10Weapons of the categories III and IV – such as but not exclusively (ornamental) swords, daggers, sabres etc. – are allowed on the terrain of Elfia. The terrain of Elfia is a separated

public space, however everything outside the terrain (this also includes the parking spaces, the way from the parking spaces to the terrain, the way from the bus to the terrain etc.) is regular public space and there it is not allowed to carry weapons. Outside the terrain of Elfia the weapons must be

kept in a sealed attribute. It is allowed to sell weapons (this only applies to exhibitors with a permit to sell weapons) and to carry weapons yet exclusively on the terrain of Elfia, however: it is strictly prohibited to use these weapons to cause any damage to people, animals and nature.



11. Distributing leaflets on and around Elfia

11.1Actively distributing leaflets on Elfia grounds is not allowed, this also applies to the parking lot and the adjoining locations. Distributing means: handing out leaflets, booklets, pamphlets and so on, as well as car-, tree-, window, pole stickers being adhered to any of these objects.

11.2To distribute leaflets outside the premises of Elfia a permit from the commune is required. Elfia does not have such a permit. Elfia has made an agreement with the commune, police and castle concerning handling this distributing of leaflets.  

11.3What is allowed, is to passively distribute leaflets from inside one’s own stand. This means handing a leaflet over along with the purchase of a product or when visitors take a leaflet themselves.  

11.4It is not allowed to advertise goods and services that are not admitted to the event; this applies to ventures, private individuals or institutions that don’t have a stand location on the event.  

11.5It is not allowed to take surveys amongst the visitors and participants of the event, neither on the grounds of the event nor on the parking lot and within a 100 metre radius around this perimeter. 






Camping site

12.1 It is allowed to sleep in your stand. Extensions to the stand space by putting up a tent, camper or other vehicle to sleep in are not allowed. During the night toilets are available, showers ar not available for exhibitors. 



13. Zero-measuring 

13.1The zero situation (‘zero-measuring’) of the grounds: before the event and the delivery after the event. 

13.2Together with the organiser a zero-measuring of the stand space will take place. (You can compare this with renting a car; where before the car is rented the damage that is already there is listed) 

13.3When the event is over there will be an inspection (together with the organiser or location manager) and then the stand will be delivered. During the inspection, the zero-situation will then be taken into account, any damages will be ascertained together. These damages will be recorded, possibly with images/photos and documented in a report stating that the organisation and exhibitor agree upon the ascertained damage. This report will be signed by both the organiser and exhibitor stating they agree to the content of the report.  

13.4After the event the stand area must be delivered without any garbage or litter. Garbage has to be placed at the nearest garbage point. It is not allowed to leave it along the roads or at a garbage can.

13.5Should any garbage or litter be ascertained during the delivery, than the exhibitor is offered one opportunity to dispose of the garbage in the designated garbage bins. 

13.6Should the exhibitor leave the garbage behind in the stand at the zero-measuring, then the organisation will take care of the disposal. Any costs for the disposal will be charged to the exhibitor.

13.7If an exhibitor should leave the premises without being present at the delivery and signing his agreement for this, in that case he is responsible for the risk of any costs made by cleaning or repair of the stand, which costs he will pay or withholding of the paid deposit. 



Concluding terms 

14.1It is at all times prohibited to enter the grass with any kind of  vehicle. 

14.2The organisation has the right to take action against the participant who acts in disagreement with the terms set in the General Guidelines or when the participant fails to follow the instructions of the organisation. This without compensation and without legal interference. This is immediately leads to the following actions, any costs for these actions are charged to the participant:

The involved individuals are effective immediately denied access to Elfia, or their stand will be closed and/or must be evacuated. Any costs will be charged to the participant/exhibitor.

The displayed goods as well as all the constructions and extensions shall be confiscated. 

14.3To these General Guidelines the Dutch law is applied. Any disputes between the organisers and the participant will be presented to the authorised judge in Rotterdam. 

14.4In any situation where these General Guidelines do not provide or are unclear; the final decision is made by the organisation. 



15. Remaining 

15.1Dogs are allowed on the premises but they must be kept on a leash.  

15.2Starting open fire is not allowed unless the organisation has given – in writing - specific permission.

15.3The use of sound equipment, in such a way that it is an inconvenience to other people, is not allowed.

15.4The Organisation requires that every exhibitor at Elfia 2014 is dressed in a fantasy-inspired costume during the event. Preferably in a style befitting the site where your stand is located. Mainly because this makes one’s own stand even more appealing to the visitors. It also enhances the ambience at the different locations. After all, exhibitors are in their own way part of the entertainment of Elfia.  

15.5Selling food and beverages (like mead) in your stand is not allowed except written authorisation has been granted by the organisation.  

15.6The making up of visitors, the selling of bottles of beverage and letting visitors practice archery is not allowed without explicit, written permission of the organization.

15.7The organisation strives to have exhibitors, visitors and entertainment use animal skins and furs which come from animals that have not purposely been bred for their skin or fur.

15.8 The smoke prohibition in the Netherlands has become stricter; it is no longer allowed to smoke in indoor public spaces. This has for exhibitors these consequences: a tent is seen as an indoor public space therefore it is prohibited to smoke inside a tent. Smoking outside is allowed, however; since the castle is a protected Nature Monument the exhibitor must ensure that there no cigarette butts fall on the ground and/or are left behind on the ground. 

15.9Image or sound recordings that have been made at Elfia are exclusively meant for non-commercial purposes. Unless after consultation with the Organisation a written permission, by the Organisation, has been given. 

15.10When participating in Elfia you are aware of the possibility that you might appear on pictures and photos which may also be used by Elfia for publicity purposes.

15.10It is not allowed to connect water boilers to the electricity grid of Elfia.   

15.11One can make use of the put in electricity system, when this is has been registered with the application. For this costs will be charged in advance. For caterers and exhibitors who will be using appliances that need a lot of electricity (heavy users like water boilers, microwaves and ovens), other rates apply than the standard rate. These rates will be specified per case on the basis of the stated appliances. An exhibitor is expected to state for what he is going to use the electricity at the application.

Electricity is available from 07.00hrs/am until 22.00hrs/10.00 pm (on Friday and Sunday night) and from 07.00hrs/pm until 24.00hrs/12.00pm (on Saturday night).

15.12When an exhibitor is going to use water, he needs to take care for the supply, storage and removal. Affluent water may not, under any circumstances, be disposed into the surface water or into the soil of the grounds. 

When water points on the grounds can be used, the exhibitor needs to take care for the connection (clutching and hoses) to the water point and the costs will be for the exhibitor.

The tap water on the grounds is not drinking water and is not to be used as such.


16. Additional conditions food (safety)

The Keuringsdienst van Waren – the Dutch ‘Food Safety Inspection’, like the Food Standards Agency. This inspection service is present on fairs, markets, etc all over the Netherlands. There they inspect if the food offered by professional and private individuals, is safe for consumption and unspoiled and if the sales-people abide to the rules and standards set by this Inspection. In the interest of food safety strict rules have been set concerning publicly sold food. Food sales-people and other caterers are expected to meet the standards set by the Inspection for public and professional sale of food. This Inspection – Keuringsdienst – and other communal services are authorised to close your stand in case you don’t meet their standards and demands. In those cases you safeguard the organisation of Elfia of any consequence (imposed by the communal and government safety inspections) that follows.

16.1When you sell for 1/3 food products and for 2/3 other products you are classified as an exhibitor. If you sell for more than 1/3 food products then you are classified as catering.       

16.2Food sale is only allowed when your company is registered as a seller of food with the Chamber of Commerce. 

16.3Furthermore the exhibitor/seller of food is obligated to meet all the requirements concerning food safety and hygiene. 



17. Additional conditions (alcoholic) beverages

17.1There is a dispensation for light alcoholic beverages but for each beverage point one is required to apply for a permit. 

17.2Sampling/ tasting is allowed. 

17.3 It is not allowed to sell bottles of liquor; only in case of low alcoholic beverages.

17.4However: to uncork a bottle and sell it without the cork or cap, preferably with two glasses.  

17.5 It is also allowed to sell by the glass. 

17.6When someone is a licensed victualler then he/she can sell bottles yet these bottles must be sold in a separate space (not alongside the sale per glass etc.) which must have its own entrance.   

17.7Also allowed is the sale of bottles through ordering. A delivery-form may be filled out and later the bottle can be delivered. It is however strictly prohibited to give a bottle to a customer during the event.

17.8The person(s) who own the license to sell alcoholic beverages must supervise/at all times be near the stand during the event.



Fire safety conditions - For stand/stalls/tents that bake and fry

18.1 In the stand/stall/tent are, exclusively used for this purpose, no more butane/propane containers present than necessary for the equipment to work. 

18.2 These containers have to be kept at least two metres away from fire and protected against excessive heating by sun and be protected from any other kind of danger. 

18.3 The containers have to be placed and secured in such a way that they can not fall over and in case of fire they easily can be removed. 

18.4 The high-pressure hoses, meant exclusively for butane/propane and not older than two years, have to be secured with hose-clips to the container, reduce-device and the burner.

18.5 Near every baking or frying device must be a carbon-dioxide-snow-extinguisher/CO2 (containing at least 6kg) available - that is ready for use. 

18.6 There must be a fire blanket available. 

18.7 In a two metre radius there are no highly flammable substances allowed. 

18.8 Every baking and frying device has to have a thermostat that works perfectly or another safety device that, in case of oil or fat overheating, turns the gas flame to the lowest level or shuts the gas supply completely off.  

18.9 The supporting area under the baking and frying devices must be fireproof within a 10 centimetre radius or be covered with a fireproof material or a material that doesn’t easily conduct heat. 

18.10 With every baking or frying pan there must be a fitting lid, available for immediate use, that can cover the pans in case of fire.




19.1All mentioned prices that are listed in the Exhibitor Information pack, that concern stands and exhibitors are without VAT. Unless it is specifically emphasised otherwise.  

19.2Dutch exhibitors pay on their bill the legally obligated amount of VAT/BTW, that they can reclaim with the Dutch tax collectors office.  

19.3Exhibitors that are living in the European Union pay on their bill the lawfully obligated VAT/BTW set by the Dutch rate, they can reclaim this VAT/BTW at the tax collectors office in the country where they live. Mind: this is not a situation in where it is the case that products or services are being transported from one EU country to another (in that case there is exemption of VAT/BTW). In this case a Dutch plot of land is being rented.  



20.Food & beverage exhibitors

20.1All F&B exhibitors are obliged to keep themselves to the regulations that are described in these general guidelines. The paragraphs 16, 17 and 18 in particular.

20.2Connection to a central water point can only happen when the exhibitor paid for this separately.

20.3A F&B exhibitor takes care for garbage to be disposed into the central press container or that paper etc. will be disposed into the central paper container. 

It does not suffice for a F&B exhibitor to leave garbage behind at a garbage point.

20.5Under no circumstances a F&B exhibitor may flow off water from a tank onto the ground or in open water on the grounds. Full tanks have to be taken home again.