Most important info 

- In 2014 Elfia Haarzuilens will last three days, because of the Easterweekend. Easter Monday is always the busiest day of the year at the castle so that promises a great number of visitors. We expect between 28,000 and 30,000 visitors.

- Double Deal: Again , there are discounts for you as an exhibitor if you book for both events at once. Costs and explanation about booking can be found in our exhibitors guidelines

- New dividing of our locations: the B-locations have disappeared, now we have only AA- and A-locations at Haarzuilens and in Arcen everything is an A-location, this in connection with the allocation of our public.

- New way of registration / dividing stands: Registration will be divided in two time periods: One from 4 until 16 November, and the second from 17 November till 1 March.

- Exhibitors can register from November 4, and indicate their preferences of stand locations. From November 17 we will make the division and then we decide who will be placed where, in this time block everyone is equal despite the time of registration. The division is based on the type of product you are selling (tip: write a good description when you register), your payment history and if any demonstrations will be given

After November 17, you still can register, but a preferred location may have been forgiven .


NOTE: If you have not paid in advance your registration and your right to a place will expire! We will check this more thoroughly then the years before!


- Format tables : we will use a different size tables, this in connection with delivery problems of the 220x70cm tables . The new format will be 200x50cm, keep this in mind when ordering.

- Changes in costs of electricity (three event days stead of two): in 2014 we start charging for electricity per stand , It has shown that exhibitors with multiple stalls have a higher use of electricity, for prices see exhibitor guidelines. 

- We would like to put your website at our website, so we request you to fill the address of your website (if you have one) on the registration form.