When, where and during what hours will Elfia take place?

Date:  19, 20 & 21 April 2014

Opening hours:  
Saturday & Sunday  10.00 – 22.00
Monday  10.00 – 18.00

Kasteel De Haar
Kasteellaan 1
3455 RR Haarzuilens 



Shuttle buses, trains, cars; how do I get there?

Travellers by train: need to travel from a nearby train station to station Vleuten For directions when travelling by train, you can use www.ov9292.nl or www.ns.nl.  

By car: From the A12 take the exit De Meern and from the A2 take the exit Breukelen. From then follow the “Kasteel de Haar”. For driving directions by car, check on www.google/maps

Shuttle buses: drive until one hour after closing time from station Vleuten to the event and back. A return ticket costs approximately €4,- per person and can be acquired in the shuttle bus. 



How much do the entrance tickets cost?

Presale : check this page

At the door 
Saturday day ticket:   €25.- 
Sunday day ticket:   €25.- 
Monday ticket:   € 21.-

*Children up until 2 ears old have free entrance. Children 12 years and above : € 13.50



How many people are allowed on the terrain of Elfia? 

Due to overcrowded situations last year at the entrance gates as well as on the parking lot; we have decided, together with the local authorities (e.g. municipality Utrecht, police and Castle de Haar), that the amount of people allowed on the terrain will be limited to 12,000 a day. We want to advise you to buy your tickets in time so that you can be sure you can enjoy a day at the Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens. 


Where can I buy my tickets?

The tickets can be ordered online until the 19th of April 2013 through www.elfia.com; they are sold in the 400 Primera shops and kiosks* (www.primera.nl) or can be bought at the cash registers of the castle during the Elf Fantasy Fair.

* If you buy a ticket at Primera or a store in Germany or Belgium, an additional €2,99 for reservation costs is charged with the purchase of a ticket. 



What should I do if I lost my E-Ticket or if I ordered a ticket for the wrong day? 

In that case you can go to the website of Paylogic, www.paylogic.nl there you can log in with your username, which you received when you ordered your tickets. In case you need help or want answers to question you can also contact Paylogic via email [ clientcare@paylogic.nl ] or you can call the helpdesk; from the Netherlands you dial 0900-7295644 (40 cents/minute), from Belgium 0900-70856 (40 cents/minute), from Germany 0900-1101775


Is the castle itself as well open for visitors during the ELFIA?

Yes, in the castle tours shall be given, during the Elf Fantasy Fair. This will be arranged by the castle itself and has no ties with the organization of Elfia. A tour will take about 55 minutes and costs €5.00 per person


How much does the parking of a car during Elfia cost?

A parking ticket is valid for one day and costs €5. These parking tickets can be acquired at the cash register of the castle and must be shown when leaving the premises. The parking lot lies at the front of Castle de Haar, near the entrance. 



Is an ATM facility available at ELFIA?

There is one ATM available, but we strongly recommend you  to have enough cash money when you enter the Elfia. Waiting time for cash dispenser can be more then one hour.  


Can I buy food and beverage with money or special coins?

At Elfia Haarzuilens you can buy food and beverage with your own money. No special food or beverage coins will be sold. 



Toilet costs?

The toilets will cost € 0.50 per use, but if you buy a day-stamp for € 1.50 you can use it the whole day through. 


Can I take my own food and beverage with me?

Officially, you may not bring your own food and beverage. At the entrance we will look out for big quantities. We will make exceptions for people with special diets and who can show us a prescription when requested.


Is the programme the same on Each day or does is differ?

The program is largely the same for both days with (possibly) a few exceptions. Not often, yet still a possibility: sometimes an actor, author or special guest can only be part of the event for one day. Because of the very full programme it is worth your while to visit the Elf Fantasy Fair on both days, since it almost impossible to participate in all the activities in one day. 



Many people go elfia in a costume or unique attire. Is that obligatory?

Every one who visits the Elf Fantasy Fair is free to dress as they please. Dress up or dress down; casual or in full battle gear - it doesn’t matter. However, the ambience is created for a large part by the visitors and their appearance. 


Are animals allowed on the grounds of elfia? 

Dogs are allowed on the terrain, as long as they are kept on a leash. Other animals are only allowed after consulting with the EFF organization.  


Can I take pictures of the event (including all participants)? 

It is allowed for visitors to take pictures during and at the event, as long as it is meant for private use and it doesn’t have any commercial purposes. Professional photographers can apply for a press card at the Elf Fantasy Fair press bureau www.fuzzyshots.nl. The organisation however keeps the right of use on all pictures that are made (see also our General Guidelines).  


How accessible is the terrain of elfia for wheelchair users? 

The grounds of the Elf Fantasy Fair are open to everyone but there are limitations for disabled people. Certain parts are difficult to access with wheelchairs, for instance the Field of Honour. On the terrain are toilets available for disabled people. However there are no wheelchairs available to be rent on the terrain.  


Where can I find lodging and accommodation?

We want to help the visitors of the Elf Fantasy Fair to find lodgings and accommodations by giving you a number of optiins; which helps you to find a number of accommodations close to the terrain of the Elf Fantasy Fair – Castle de Haar. In case you want to start your journey to Elfia a day earlier, or if you want to visit two days; it is useful to have a place to stay for the night. You can find our list of lodgings and accommodations on our website, under the item Elf Info. 


Is it allowed for me to do some fire breathing?

It is allowed to do some fire breathing on the terrain. However, you need to bring your own equipment; you need to be careful not to harm any living being as well as your surroundings and you need to heed the instructions of the EFF organization and/or fire brigade. 


Protected plants

On certain places in the gardens of Castle de Haar you cannot walk freely. This is because on some places protected plants are growing. These plants are protected because these kinds of plants only grow around old buildings and places, for quite some time. They can be found around castles, courtyards, church gardens and such. These plants do not grow outside these areas. These plants grow and blossom mainly in spring, in overgrown locations where a lot of sunshine hits the ground. This means that these plants will be in full bloom during the Elf Fantasy Fair. So, please be cautious and considerate when you are walking around.