Royal Elections 19 April

Dear Elfians and candidates ,
after severe internal discussions within our Elfia organization, we have annulled the royal election. Unfortunately we had to conclude that there are quite a few fake votes ( sometimes two and even ten double voting by additional email accounts or by the use of disposable emails) among ALL candidates. We must insist that we never accuse or will accuse the candidates themselves. About 70% of all votes cast seems to be correct. The rest is other fake or ‘dubious’. 

We have issued a new election. An election during the event itself on Saturday, April 19. All three candidate couples will receive a passe-partout for the whole event. We invite them to join in a short election debate on Saturday. 
After the debate the audience can vote by placing a thumb print. An independent group of volunteers will count the votes, and on late Saturday afternoon the winning couple will be announced and crowned on the spot.

The candidates in random order: 
* Anaranë Linwëlin en Gildor Ringëril (click here for their videoclip)
* Jarl Marius & Piraat Sabine
* Freyr & Myst (click here for their videoclip)


Wilma en Sherpa fotophoto Jarl Sabinefoto jasper