Visitor Guidelines

1. Terrain

1. It is at all times prohibited to enter the grass when the weather conditions are wet, damp and rainy. You must follow the instructions given by the employees of Elfia and Kasteeltuinen de Haar at all times.

2. The terrain is open to visitors from 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday and from 10 am to 6 pm on Monday. The visitors are required to leave the premises after the event has ended.

3. Elfia is not liable for costs or damages which have been caused for visitors and/or goods, as a direct or indirect consequence of actions or negligence of other visitors, exhibitors and the organisation of Kasteeltuinen de Haar; during or in relation to the executions.

4. Entering the premises where the event takes place and participating in the event takes place at the visitor’s own risk. This means that the Elf Fantasy Fair is no way liable for damages that have arisen because of entering the premises or participating in the event. Examples of damages but not exclusively hearing; visual and other physical disorders.

5. In the park are a certain amount of water structures, mind inquisitive children.

6. Elfia is in no way liable for damages or loss of personal property.

7. Elfia is in no way liable for personal accidents which occur on the Elfia terrain. 

8. It is prohibited to bring chairs, benches and/or tables along to the festival terrain. 

9. It is prohibited to bring along one’s own food and/or drinks to the festival terrain. 

10. Possession of, selling or using liquor is prohibited.

11. Possession of, selling or using (soft)drugs is prohibited. 

12. Respect and take care of the buildings, the plants and the animals of Kasteeltuinen de Haar. This means a. o. that it is not allowed to pick flowers or pull out plants; that no items in the parks should be damaged and that no garbage must be left behind on the terrain (please deposit all garbage in bins).


2. Tickets and entrance

1. Only original tickets are valid

2. Tickets are only valid for the day which is mentioned on the ticket.

3. Tickets can not be exchanged for money.

4. Tickets can in no way be returned.

5. The organisation is not responsible for loss or theft of the ticket.

6. Children of 2 years and younger have free entry.


3. Food & Drinks

1. As it is common on other festivals, so is the Elfia organisation also bound to forbid the consuming of bring-along food and drinks. Therefore it is not allowed to enter the premises with food and drinks.

2. Two drink-water tap points will be available on the terrain where visitors can get water for free.


4. Programme

1. Each of the mentioned guests is under reservation. Elfia however is not responsible for deviations therein and damages which may have occurred to visitors and/or third parties.

2. Elf Fantasy Fair will strive to execute the programme according to the announced time schedule. Elf Fantasy Fair however is not liable for deviations therein and damages which have occurred to visitors and/or third parties.


5. Flyering on and around Elfia

1. To actively distribute leaflets on the terrain is prohibited; this also applies for parking spaces and the surrounding locations. Distributing leaflets means to pass around folders, windshield stickers, and post, wall and window stickers.

2. The prohibition on distributing leaflets and such is a prohibition enforced by the commune, police, Kasteeltuinen de Haar and Elfia, due to general order and environmental concerns.


6. Image and audio recordings

1. Elfia beholds the right to make or either have make image and/or audio recordings, either by order or without assignment.

2. When a person participates in Elfia then he/she is aware of the possibility that there is a chance that you might appear on images which may also be used for publicity purposes for Elfia. Persons who appear in this kind of recordings have no right to any kind of reward.

3. Publication of recordings by Elfia gives no right whatsoever to any kind of reward.

4. Elf Fantasy Fair is neither responsible nor liable for commitments made by third parties.

5. It is allowed to bring amateur photo and video equipment for personal use.

6. The use of photo and video material which has been made at Elfia for other purposes than personal use is prohibited.

7. Image and audio recordings that have been made at and/or of Elfia is exclusively allowed for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use of material the organisation must be consulted and a written approval is required in advance.


7. Sale

It is not allowed to sell products on and around the terrain without consent from the organisation. This also includes also private sale and sale of food and beverages.


8. Sold products

1. Elfia is not responsible for products that are sold by exhibitors.

2. Elfia uses no quality marks in any form.

3. Elfia is not responsible for flaws on sold products. This also includes defect weapons, broken armours etc.

4. Elfia strives to have exhibitors, visitors and entertainment use animal skins and furs which come from animals that have not purposely been bred for their skin or fur.

5. Selling pointed and strike weapons which are blunt, is allowed at Elfia as long as the weapons have a historic (older than the 20th century) character or display unmistakable Fantasy features. Besides that the sale of (cross) bows is also allowed, these weapons also must have either historic or Fantasy characteristics. Arrows are only allowed to be sold.


9. Weapons

1. Visitors are allowed to walk around freely with weapons as mentioned above. Using these weapons is merely allowed under the supervision of professionals and at least 5 metres away from the public. Firing of a (cross-) bow can only take place under the supervision of professionals and on for that purpose indicated shooting ranges.

2. Transporting the above mentioned stab and strike weapons and bows on the public roads from and to the event terrain can only happen when the mentioned weapons are securely wrapped and can only be unwrapped with at least three actions.

3. Weapons (for LARP or Role-playing etc.) that are made of rubber and/or latex are allowed.

4. The security and terrain organisation however have final say in this matter.


10. Seize

1. Elfia beholds the right to seize goods/products that, according to the organisation, may pose a danger to the owner or to others. These seized products/goods shall be stored and the owner can retrieved them with the organization at the end of the event.

2. Elfi is not liable for theft, destruction or other defects that has occurred during the seizing and storing of the goods/products.

3. Seized goods/products shall be stored for two weeks after the seizing. After that period the goods shall be destroyed.


11. Questionnaires

Taking surveys is only allowed with a written of the organisation. This also includes petitions, questionnaires and interviews in any form.


12. Transportation

1. Own transportation - Parking: In the near vicinity of the castle there are parking facilities. The parking facilities are arranged by Kasteeltuinen de Haar, Elfia is in that matter in no way responsible or liable for any damage.

2. Public transportation: From a nearby train station shuttle buses will be used to transport visitors. These shuttle buses will drive to and from Elfia until one hour after the closing of Elfia.


13. Supplying information

Elfia does not make her contact information available to third parties. Should you want to be removed from this contact database then you can make this known to Elfia, to the following address:

Stelf Pte Ltd

7500 A Beach Road

#04-334 The Plaza

Singapore 1995591



14. Behaviour

1. Visitors are free to dress themselves in any costume they wish and behave the way they see fit, as long as they show respect towards other visitors.

2. Strictly forbidden are items (this also applies for accessories and costumes) and expressions with a (extreme left or right winged) political character; a discriminative character or which are in conflict with conditions from the Dutch constitution. Also forbidden are depictions of the Nazi Swastika and the Nazi SS Symbol, which are forbidden by the Dutch High Court.

3. We also do not condone any form of (verbal) violence. In case of an argument you must turn to someone of the organisation of Elfia. You are not allowed to take right into your own hands.


15. Remaining conditions

1. Dogs are allowed on most parts of the festival terrain but they must be kept on a leash. Please heed the signs.

2. Horses are not allowed.

3. Open fires are not allowed, exceptions are cases in which the organization has given written approval.

4. The Elfia terrain is limited accessible for wheelchairs users. Throughout the park and in the castle sufficient toilets for disabled people can be found.

5. Beside these conditions for visitors, all the visitors, employees and others should respect also the conditions of Kasteeltuinen De Haar. You can find these conditions at the website of Kasteeltuinen de Haar.