Elfia Passport for free

From now on you can get an real Elfia passport! How? Buy a passe-partout. You get a passport for free. And you can collect an unique Elfia stamp with a unique design that will change with every event. On top of that you can seal your passe-partout wristband at the end of the event with a wax seal.

Elfia passport 

So how does it work?

1. you have bought a passe partout. With the ticket you get in line of the passe partout ticket control.

2. your ticket gets scanned, you get your wristband attached around your wrist and you receive your very own Elfia passport

3. you fill in the details in the passport and eventually you add a face pic

4. you go to the special customs booth near the info stand. Here you can collect the stamp of the specific event in your passport.

5. you can cut your wristband if you want (immediately or at the end of the event) and you can ask the Elfia customs officer to wax the wristband with a seal in your passport

Every Elfia event will provide an unique stamp and an unique seal.

elfia passport stamp


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