How to travel?

Kasteel de Haar (Castle de Haar) 
Kasteellaan 1 
RR Haarzuilens 
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Shuttle service

Shuttle buses start to drive from the opening time of the day ticket sale; 9:00 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The buses drive 3 to 4 times in the hour, depending on how busy it will be. The bus times are synchronised to the train times of station Vleuten. The shuttle buses drive until 22.30 on Saturday and Sunday and 18.30 on Monday. One of the buses is suitably for wheelchair users (one bus per hour). Price: 4 euro per return ticket.

Public transportation
When you come to Elfia Haarzuilens by means of public transportation, then you should travel from the (for you) nearest train station to the train station Vleuten. For further informaton on public transportation to the Elfia you should go to: 

WARNING: Please note that in this Easter weekend Pro Rail will perform track work and therefore there won't be train traffic between Gouda and Rotterdam, and Gouda and The Hague CS


Kasteel de Haar in Haarzuilens is located in the province of Utrecht, which lies almost in the middle of the Netherlands; it's not far from Amsterdam. However, what exit you need to take depends on which direction you are coming from. For a detailed route you can look on

Parking a car on the parking lot of castle de Haar costs 5 Euros per car, per day. There is enough parking space available. You can buy a parking card at the cash registers.