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Become part of the magic in Elfia, become a volunteer!

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Elfia is a place for visitors to enjoy all that the program booklet has to offer and more. But Elfia isn't just there/ doesn't come out of thin air... It involves hard work from a lot of volunteers who are willing to make this magic happen for the big crowd. You've probably met a few of them, while visiting Elfia.


Always wondering what they were doing? Or maybe wanted to join them? Here's some more information.

 One week in advance the build starts and volunteers are making sure the castle grounds are transformed into Elfia. This entails building market stalls, decorating the grounds, building fences,  deliver all that is needed for exhibitors and more. 

When the doors of Elfia open, we are at a peek of about 100 volunteers to make sure visitors have the maximum Elfia Experience.

We are well raised, so when Elfia ends, we need to clean up after ourselves. A small group of volunteers is staying and helping to clean up and clear the castle grounds of left over litter.

Volunteering is all about what you would like to do, what your qualities are and sometimes also a bit of what must be done... Never the less the group of volunteers is a close group of people, with a great positive attitude.

So, what are the tasks, I hear you wonder. Well, the following is just a small summary of the tasks at hand:


Exhibitor Manager

Makes sure exhibitors are located to their stands and have everything they required.

Think about electricity, water and the likes. But they are also responsible for a quick enter and leave of exhibitors on the castle grounds, before and after Elfia.



Entertainment Manager

Makes sure the entertainment groups are located to their stands and have everything they required. Picks up guests from hotels and makes sure the guests know their way around the terrain. Is also responsible for lecture and performing equipment. Oversees if safety standards are met, when dealing with large crowds.



Theater team

Makes sure all the scenario's of the Royal Couple and Elfia Costume Parade are played out well.




Makes sure visitors can enter the terrain by scanning tickets.



Elfia Royal Guard

Delivers a lot of fun to the crowd by picking up litter from the castle grounds and participates in some of the Royal Activities.



Stage Manager

Makes sure the program is executed to the given schedule. Is also responsible that the artists are on time and instruments of the artists are set up.



Distribution Head Quarter

Makes sure everything behind the scenes is possible to happen. Are responsible for variety of keys, materials and has an overview of what is where.



Gate Keepers

Makes sure no one enters the terrain without permission.



Flying Chickens

Makes sure they can jump in at any place, any time, any where.



Office Helper

Helps out in the office when needed. For example; makes last minute signs.



Info stand

Hands out program booklets to the visitors, answers questions from visitors and acts as the lost and found booth.




Makes sure the registration point runs smoothly and everyone parks their car in an orderly fashion.



Technical Department

Makes sure there are no problems with the power generators, water, toilets and so on.



Crew Care

Very special function, made for our Efia Mom. But possibly in need of assistance. Taking care of food and drinks for volunteers. Make sure the breakfast and lunch are ready. Takes care of volunteers, makes sure they eat in time, take their naps and wipes their behinds. We all love her dearly.