Elfia Costume Parade

Rules Costume Parade:

There are two ways in which you can participate in the Elfia Costume Parade. The advantages and disadvantages are summed up and below that you'll find the rules for participating in the Costume Parade.

1. Pre Registration

You know how to make a show within a show; you have a beautiful costume and a great act to compliment it!

* Your act is at least 1 minute, with a maximum of 2 minutes.

* Your act has music, theater, poetics, song, playback, dance or attributes to support your act and such to tell a story/make an act.

* In case you want to use music or sound effects, deliver the USB, max. 4GB, to a volunteer when you pick up your number.

* You want to show Elfia what beautiful creations you have made and are not shy to be the center of attention for a while.

* You have a chance to win the prize in the catergory “Best Performance”

* You are 99% certain of participating in the Costume Parade

Register here!

2. Registration on the venue

You are great at creating costumes and have made a bombshell of a costume to show Elfia, you just don't have an act.

* Stagetime will be approximately 30 seconds - 1 minute

* You don't have a chance in winning a prize in the category “Best Performance”.

* First come, first serve; you are not certain of a place in the Costume Parade, since participants with an act have precedence on other participants.

3. How does it work?

* You can registrate at Medieval Stage from one hour in advance until 5 minutes in advance of the Costume Parade.

* Participants meet here and get a sticker with a number.

* You have to apply this sticker somewhere between neck and hips.

* Participants will be lead backstage and need to get in line according to their number.

For all participans:

It is not allowed to participate at the Elfia Costume Parade if:

* Your act (costume/character) has won a prize in previous editions

* The costume is worn by a previous King/Queen

This also counts for acts and or costumes which have a little adjustment.

When this does happen, you will be excluded of participating in following editions.

* The group is bigger than 25 persons, because of stage capacity.


* When you are called out as winner, it is important that you are there. If your not, you'll get no prize. With the exception of the overall event winner, which is announced on Sunday.

* Please do not leave with your prize before you've given your personal information to the Theatre Crew volunteers.