• A&B Dragonarth

    A&B Dragonarth

    Create fantasy mirrors. During demonstration hours you can take a look in our atelier and ...
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  • Abney Park

    Abney Park

    Saturday evening April 25 will be super thrilling and exciting with the steampunk music ba...
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  • Aelfheim


    Aelfheim is the lost essence of the celtic seeds of Spain, formed by 3 nymphs and a bard. ...
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  • Faey


    Enchanting melodies which open secret doors to ancient times and distant worlds. FAEY play...
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  • Fase 3

    Fase 3

    In the year 2703 the world has changed in a bar wasteland, overrun with zombies, mutants a...
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  • Fedegestass


    Game of Thrones will continue at Elfia. Almost every noble house sends a representative to...
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  • Kriegrimm


    The Inquisition of the Church of Kriegrimm will again set up camp at Elfia Fair this year....
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  • Langenort


    Stage coaches, outlaws, a US Marshall and a cursed indian amulet attracting decaying dead;...
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  • Line Dancers

    Line Dancers

    We are a enthusiastic group line dancers who invite you to dance with us after our 15 minu...
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  • Love Street

    Love Street

    Highly acclaimed Celtic Folk Rock band from Cornwall England. Think Queen meets Mumford an...
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  • Manuel d'Andrea

    Manuel d'Andrea

    Born and raised in a little town near Rome in 1993 , Manuel develops a passion for creativ...
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  • Mars


    Imagine yourself in the 17th century and be recruited into the Dutch States army. Experien...
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