Elfia Passport for free

Het Elfia Paspoort

Many fantasy people are looking at it with eager eyes. It's in the fantasy worlds in this universe and beyond one of the most sought documents. There is no country findable with greater freedom of thought than Elfia. The only restriction placed on the freedom is the respect for the other. Due to the unbridled freedom, there is also an irrepressible urge for creativity.


How do you get it and what do you do with it?

We have created an exciting document for you. If you have purchased a festival pass and you're on your first day to the access, then -after scanning your ticket- you will get two things :

1. a colorful Elfia wristband that is strictly personal and may not be detached unless you decide not to pass the control gates anymore ( usually so on the last day ) . This wristband (as long as it is not removed) provides continuous right of access to Elfia for all event days
2. the Elfia passport

promofoto paspoort 2


But there is more:

As featured on your last day when you have entered through the check points for the last time, you can cut your wristband. Do not do this yourself , but let this be handled by an Elfia customs official. We have built a special customs booth in which a customs official has the right to do the following:
- to cut your wristband at your request
- to seal your wristband in the passport with a very special Elfia sealing wax gun
- putting an Elfia immigration stamp into your own passport. A stamp that is uniquely designed for Haarzuilens 2014


And there is even more:

- In the passport, there is a personal page, where you can write your name, fantasy race and more fun details about yourself and your character. You could even personalise it with a photo of yourself or your character

- We will create pages with the names of the ( former) kings and queens of Elfia. You can hunt them down and ask them to place a signature and maybe even a personal message in your passport


We give you the opportunity to change the passport into a personal document that you can wear as a reminder of the great moments in the land of unbridled freedom, imagination and creativity.

stempel promofoto in paspoort


Only passe partout holders

For now we can only keep the passport available for festival pass holders. We still play with the idea to sell to non-festival pass holders at a real price but the risk of fraud by putting stamps and getting wax stamps is too big for that right now.



The passport is designed by Jan de Bruijn .

The elfiaanse translations are provided by Harm Schelhaas .