Rules regarding 'weapons' on Elfia Arcen 2017

Rules regarding 'weapons' on Elfia Arcen 2017:
We are getting more and more questions about the rules on weapons on Elfia.
These rules are already stated in the Visitor Guidelines, section 9 and 10.
But for clarity we stated them again below.

1. No airsoft or paintball guns are allowed in Elfia. Repeatedly we get questions if airsoft or paintball guns are allowed in Elfia as part of a costume. Airsoft guns are often replicas of real weapons and almost indistinguishable from real ones. Airsoft guns are permitted by law to previously identified areas which are registered to the Dutch airsoft association. Neither the castle organization nor Elfia are considered as such an event and airsoft guns are therefore PROHIBITED at our event. This also goes for empty ones without ammunition or batteries. Visitors with airsoft guns will be refused at the entrance and possibly removed from the site.
If you want a "firearm" as a part of a costume, ensure yourself that the weapon can be recognized from a distance as a fake weapon and foresee the end of your barrel of a yellow or orange cap. Nerf guns are not a problem in Elfia. Visitors are allowed to walk around freely with Nerf weapons as mentioned above. Using these Nerf weapons is merely allowed under the supervision of professionals and at least 5 metres away from the public. Firing of a (cross-) bow can only take place under the supervision of professionals and on for that purpose indicated shooting ranges.
Sharp stabweapons are not allowed on the terrain. These weapons are only allowed if they are blunt(ed).
2. Transporting stab and strike weapons and bows on the public roads from and to the event terrain can only happen when the mentioned weapons are securely wrapped and can only be unwrapped with at least three actions according to the dutch law.
3. Weapons (for LARP or Role-playing etc.) that are made of rubber and/or latex are allowed.
4. The security and terrain organization however have final say in the matter if weapons are prohibited on the terrain.

1. Elfia beholds the right to seize goods/products that, according to the organization, may pose a danger to the owner or to others. These seized products/goods shall be stored and the owner can retrieve them with the organization at the end of the event.
2. Elfia is not liable for theft, destruction or other defects that has occurred during the seizing and storing of the goods/products.
3. Seized goods/products shall be stored for two weeks after the seizing. After that period the goods shall be destroyed.