Royal Elections

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My name is Chaptoson, son of the almighty king Chapter, who protected The Book of our kingdom until his passing. Now it is my duty to protect the kingdom and to expand the book together with my beautiful wife Volumia. But to be able to fulfill this duty, we had to change our laws. Our family protected the book throughout the ages. Many stories were kept intact. The most important story was The Legend, which goes as follows:

“Humankind encountered our people hundreds of years ago. They brought us an enormous amount of knowledge and creativity, stories, sheet music, drawing arts and much more. The humans came in peace and visited us often. Everything changed when my great grandfather, King Prologist, sealed the gates. Years passed by and slowly everything changed. Creativity disappeared and we turned old. Wisdom became normal, everything was known by everyone. Everything started to fade away, decay and burn.”

Now it is up to us to save our Kingdom, and all the needed knowledge. The only way to make sure our people would not get lost was by opening the gates for human kind once again.

The lack of knowledge was unfortunately not the only reason for the decay. My uncle Epilogias was jealous of the throne and cursed our land. Now that our gates are open once more, the virus is spreading towards the mysterious Kingdom of Elfia. To make sure this 25 year old Kingdom will not be committed to the same fate as our beloved Kingdom, we will, together with all the Elfians combine our creativity and knowledge to bring my uncle down on his knees. 

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