Royal Elections

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Royal Elections

The Kingdom of Elfia wouldn’t be the Kingdom we know, without all it’s Kings and Queens who have ruled the land. Elfia has a rich history of all kinds of rulers with their own unique story of why and how they got their place on the throne. At the moment we have the pirate King Killian and Queen Eleanor at the throne of Elfia. They are searching for the key tot he Kingdom of Elfia as we speak, since they lost it.. You can follow their adventures here:

 Do you think you have what it takes to become the new rulers of Elfia? Can you convince enough people to vote for you during the event? Please read our regulations and hand in your application!

 Interested in the history of the Royal Elections? See here all video’s made for our Royal Elections:

Conditions for participation:

* Your English is at a level where you can make yourself understandable during your time in the spotlights.
* To participate, you have to be at least 16 years old, and at least one of you has to be 18+.
* We noticed that you have a bigger shot at being chosen if you participate as a couple instead of solo.
* You have to be available on the friday before the event for instructions. You will also have to able to attend Elfia on Saturday and Sunday, so you can do you activities as (potential) Royal Couple.
* Your entrance for the event will be taken care of by Elfia.
* Elfia volunteers are not allowed to participate as royal candidates, unless they won’t be volunteering during the event. 

If you want to participate, send us the following files:

* A promotional text about you for the elections, in English, Dutch and German.
* Election photograph, we prefer a portrait of 300 D.P.I. (vertical)
* Election movie:
- The language of the movie has to be English, if not possible it has to be subtitled in English
- A short, strong, informative and humoristic movie works for the audience. We put the time limit at 10 minutes, but as said before, short movies tend to make a better impression.
- Do not use copyrighted music. If you do, we can’t put your movie on our website.
- Send us the movie via WeTransfer or just use e-mail. If you send us a youtube link, make sure it’s not public yet. Movies can be made public after we published them.
* We will print your election poster. The conditions for the poster are:
                            - A3 size, vertical
                            - Full Colour
                            - A good photo with the names of the characters
                             - The line: “Vote for…” must be on the poster.


We love it when you promote yourself. The more people you get enthusiastic, the closer you get to the throne. However, there are a few rules to make everything run smoothly during the event:
* It’s prohibited to hand out flyers, that’s why we make posters. This way all visitors will be informed about the Royal Candidates, so they can vote for you.
* You can’t share your election movie before it has appeared on the website from Elfia. You can make teaser trailers, as long as they don’t say you’re participating in the Elections.
* If you want to use the media, that’s no problem, just make sure you inform the organisation of Elfia of your intentions. We will put you in contact with our press agency.

 What to expect when you are chosen as our new Royal Candidates:

* We will provide you with a place in our Royal Camp, which will be your base during the festival. You can arrange activities here to make sure people come by and win their votes. You are supposed to make your own spot in this camp and you’re welcome on Friday to come and decorate your space. We do expect you to use this space to set up your base camp.
* You are free to arrange any kind of promotional activities for yourself during our event as long as they are discussed with and approved by our organization.
* You will promote during Saturday, on Sunday we will announce the winners of the elections.
* We all love Elfia, you will listen to the instructions given by any member of the Theatre Crew and you will be friendly with your opponents.
* We are celebrating the 25th Edition of Elfia this year, and we might have some surprises for the audience. If any of these surprises influence the Royal Elections we will let you know and ask for your collaboration and secrecy.

What to expect when you are chosen as our new Royal Couple:

* Possibly participate in character based interviews, before and during upcoming Elfia.
* Possibly participate in press activities which will be announced later and are set up by our press agency.
* Participate with the activities as instructed in the scenario, provided to you by the Theatre Crew.  You will make sure you’re on time for all activities.
* During Elfia you will stay in character as a Royal Couple.
* The next Elfia, the one after your reign, you will be present on Saturday and possibly on Sunday as well.

 The organization of Elfia offers the winning contestants:

* We provide an accommodation for 2 people, for Friday on Saturday and for Saturday on Sunday during Elfia Arcen 2017.
* 350 euros to spend on extra accessories for your role as king/queen
* A title as count/countess of Elfia with a matching medal.
* 12 bottles of mead for your own consumption.
* VIP access to Elfia Arcen 2017.
* Access to Elfia in the future.

The Royal Couple will be assisted by the Theatre Crew. The members of the Theatre Crew are there to support you and to make sure all activities shall go according to plan. You could see them as theatre directors. They will keep in contact with you about your schedule and participation. We will all have to work together to make this a successful event. Please keep in mind that we’re all working towards the same goal, listen to the instructions the Theatre Crew gives you. You are free to do as you please, at times when you are not scheduled for any royal activities. Before the event starts, you’ve prepared for your roles and you are comfortable and prepared to speak to big audiences and the press. You have a professional attitude towards this experience and the event. You are down to earth, in good health and show enthusiasm towards performing your royal duties in the role of the character that you have chosen. You are prepared to work with the organisation and volunteers of Elfia a cooperative attitude towards this.

If you want to participate as Royal Candidates, send an email to with your promotional text for the elections and your election poster before the 15th of March 2017. Your election movie will need to be in my posession before the 10th of April.

Note: When there are more than three candidates willing to participate in the elections, the organization of Elfia will make a selection of candidates who will participate upcoming event.

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