Decency Standards

1. Ask the model if you can make a picture.

The fact that you bought an entrance ticket does not give you the right to photograph anyone, it is a favour. If you want a spontaneous picture, show it to the model afterwards and ask for permission to keep it.

2. If you want to take a picture of a child, ask, depended on the age, permission from the parents. Don’t forget to ask if you are allowed to place the picture on the internet.

3. Don’t take any photos when de model is busy with private things. E.g. getting dressed, eating, talking to friends, resting, standing in toilet lines, working on the make-up, etc. It might be fun ‘behind-the-scene’ for you, but it might not be the most charming for the model and he/she might be tired of the cameras.

4. Respect the personal space of the models and their companions. Nothing is more annoying for the model then getting a camera shoved in their face when they’re talking to friends or is eating. Is there someone in the way, ask if that person could get to the side instead of leaning over him.

5. Try to get the model as pretty/fierce/tough/dangerous as possible. No-one likes to find pictures that are embarrassing or weird back on the internet (unless it was the intention of the model). Be selective with what you put on online.

6. Respect the fact that other photographers can be photographing the same model, have patience until they are done. You can always ask if you can shoot at the same time.

7. Spontaneous pictures of unsusceptible people can be fun, but be moderate. Many models can be annoyed because these pictures are taking when they are not paying attention.

8. Respect rejection, either verbally or ignoring of the camera.

9. Never touch the models.

10. Do not claim the models for too long.

11. Introduce yourself and give your business card.

12. Offer your pictures through email or website for free. Mention, if possible, the name of the model.

Many points are legally defined. For more information, check the website of Arnoud Engelfriet